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21. 5 Reasons Why It Is Better To Work With A Professional Home Buyer In Cutler Bay Vs. An iBuyer

For most people, selling their homes is one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives. As such, it is important to understand all the options available and to decide which is the best option for you. A common dilemma many face when selling their homes is deciding whether to go with a professional home buyer or an iBuyer. In order to make an informed decision, here is a look at five reasons why it is better to work with a professional home buyer than an iBuyer.

Professional Home Buyers Offer More Customization

Professional home buyers are local, independent agents who are experts in the market. They work with you to develop an individualized strategy to present your home in the best light and to help you get the most money possible. On the other hand, iBuyers are not agents, and they have a “cookie cutter” approach of low-balling offers. Since they are not experts in the market, they tend to make one-size-fits-all offers that are often too low.

Professional Home Buyers Are Invested In Your Satisfaction

Professional home buyers are also more likely to be amenable to negotiating since they have more flexibility than an iBuyer. Professional home buyers also understand the importance of customer service and will be more likely to work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the sale. In contrast, iBuyers often have an online review system that they use, and if you are not satisfied, then it can be hard to have your concerns taken seriously.

iBuyers Typically Have Strict Criteria

As opposed to a professional home buyer, an iBuyer typically has specific criteria that they are looking for in a home and in the seller. This means that you may not even qualify to work with an iBuyer. Additionally, there may be certain terms and conditions that you will have to agree to if you do qualify. In contrast, a professional home buyer is generally willing to work with most sellers and does not have the same restrictive criteria.

Professional Home Buyers Present Better Deals

Since iBuyers must make a profit in order to stay in business, their offers often do not compare favorably to the offers of experienced local buyers. Professional home buyers also have access to more financing options, which can help increase the overall sale price of your home.

Working With A Professional Home Buyer Is Time-Saving

Professional home buyers can handle all aspects of the sale for you, from paperwork to marketing the home. This can save time and energy on your part and can make the process of selling your home go much smoother. On the other hand, an iBuyer can often take more time since it may require a longer process to work with them.

These are just five reasons why it is better to work with a professional home buyer than an iBuyer. Ultimately, the decision of which option to go with should be based on your individual needs, your budget, and the local market. However, it is important to make sure you are educated about all your options before you make any decisions.

Professional home buyers usually close within 30 days or less. Depending on the circumstances under which you’ve decided to sell your property, your resources may be dwindling fast. At Down South Florida Home Buyers, our quick process means you can leave all of your worries behind, making it better to work with a professional home buyer in Cutler Bay vs. an iBuyer.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run for taking the time to understand the huge difference between iBuyers and professional buyers like Down South Florida Home Buyers. Our goal at Down South Florida Home Buyers is to help you solve your problems, which is the best reason to work with a professional home buyer in Cutler Bay vs. an iBuyer. Find out for yourself by sending us a message or calling Down South Florida Home Buyers at (239) 766-6225 today!

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