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68. Selling Your Home During A Divorce In Lake Worth

When it comes time to sell your home during a divorce, the process can be complicated. Between legal issues, financial issues and emotional issues, navigating selling a home in the middle of a divorce can be overwhelming. Here are tips to help you make the process a bit easier.

Loosely Follow The Guidelines Of Your Divorce Settlement

When couples divorce and there is a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) in place, it is important to abide to the guidelines that are set out in order to ensure that the divorce process goes as smoothly as possible. This includes what will happen with any jointly owned assets, such as real estate. Therefore, it is vital to try to follow whatever guidelines are set out in the MSA when it comes to selling the shared house. If the MSA does not mention the house or if you and your former partner agreed to the details without a legal document, be sure to stay focused on that agreement when selling your house. This could mean honouring a certain timeline, agreeing on the sale price, or making sure that both parties receive a fair percentage of the profits. It is essential to follow the guidelines in order to avoid any further issues that could arise throughout the process.

Stay Organized

When trying to stay organized, you should create and maintain a file folder with the documents relevant to the sale of your home. This should include any title search documents as well as the original deed and any appraisals you might have received. Make copies of any important documents in case you need to reference them at a later date. In addition, keep careful records of any repairs or renovations done to the house. Even if divorcing couples may be loathe to invest more money in the house, it is usually best to make necessary renovations and repairs if you hope to maximize your sale price.

Choose A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Look for a real estate agent with a strong reputation in your area for successful sales during divorces. Ask around for recommendations from family, friends, or other contacts in the real estate industry for agents with reputable reviews. During your initial consultation with the agent, discuss your expectations and ask what specific steps they plan to take to ensure the sale will go smoothly. Make sure the agent has experience in divorce cases and is knowledgeable about the nuances associated with such sales. Ask the real estate agent about the methods they use for communicating with all relevant parties involved in the divorce sale. If possible, speak directly with any previous clients who the agent has sold homes for during a divorce. Finally, make sure you are comfortable with the agent’s prices and commissions.

When selling your home during a divorce, it is important to remember that while this is an emotionally fraught process, you are still running a business transaction. Keep these tips in mind and the process can hopefully be a bit less overwhelming.

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