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Sell your Florida home without the hassle & headaches. Put all the burden on us

How can you sell your Florida home fast for cash?

We have 3 simple steps in order to receive a cash offer

We truly do practice a hassle free home buying transaction. No need in wasting time waiting for your buyer to get approved by the lender, have to make expensive repairs in order for you to pass inspection requirements, paying commission to the broker and etc. We will pay you cash for your house FAST! Below you will find more helpful information which can help you understand the behind the scenes of the process.

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We will contact you to collect some information as well as answer any questions that you may have, so ask away!

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Once were agree to work together you will can choose any date to close. We will handle the rest.

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We strive to provide our clients with as much information about choosing us as possible. Let’s be honest this is not the traditional way most people are used to so it may be nerve wrecking but trust me selling your home to home buyers like us is way more convenient than the going with a realtor. Being in business for many years we have an idea of the common questions clients need to know. Below you will find the commonly asked questions:

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We Buy houses in Florida at ANY CONDITION. No Agents, No Fees, No repairs = More for YOU. Fill In The Form or CALL US to get your cash offer.
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Do you still need answers?

  • What is the first step after I fill out the form?
  • Is the cash offer given over the phone final?
  • Can I expect a low ball offer?
  • How long before I get paid?
  • Why should I choose your company instead of a realtor?
  • Are you guys a real home buying company?
  • How does closing work?

What is the first step after I fill in the form?

After you fill in the form give yourself a pat on the back you have taken the first step of eliminating the burden that is holding you back from living street free. Now that you have filled in the form one our home buying specialist will contact you in order to collect a few more information from so that we can get you your offer. Stay close to the phone we will contact you soon.

Is the cash offer given over the phone final?

Giving a final offer via phone is not something we tend to practice for the simple fact that there are many factors when providing a cash offer that we would need to be in person to factor in. Nonetheless, we can offer a cash offer range that we can potentially pay for your home after we conduct the market research. We have done business with many clients not because of just a offer but because it was a fair offer.

Can I expect a low ball offer?

That is a great question! We strive to get you the best fair offer for your home because we want you to choose us to do business with. We understand that your home is your temple, your comfort zone, your memory bank and etc so we know a low ball offer is not something you would accept nor do we looked to give you one.

Your offer is why we recommend to FILL OUT THE FORM so that we can schedule a time so that we can discuss the options we have available for you. Although many of transactions are CASH transactions, buying “retail” or “market value” for cash is not something we do often. On the other hand, we’ve always been able to give the FAIREST OFFER to our clients.

How long before I can get paid?

We strive to get you paid quickly as possible ranging from 15-30 days because we need to run title and lien searches as part of due diligence process in buying your home. In some cases the results are back sooner than expected but there are some cases where issues arise and things become a lot more complicated. With the help of our clients the process can be expedited. We will need requested documents signed or provide in a timely manner so that we do not delay the process. We understand life happens so we will need your help.

Why should I choose your company instead of a realtor?

Let’s be honest listing with a realtor can be beneficial at times and if that is the case our team will be more than happy to let you know what is best for you and your family. When listing with an agent you will have to pay commission, make costly repairs in order to get approved by the bank to close, have tons of strangers walking through your house undecided if they are really interested in your home. Whereas, if you select Down South Florida Home Buyers we make it a hassle free transaction. You pay us no commission, no repairs needed to be made, no multiple showings of your home, appraisal or inspection needed which means we close fast. To top it off, we buy with CASH.

Are you guys a real home buying company?

Yes, we are realer then they come. We strive in having internet presence for the fact so that we can easily be reached and also so that our clients can due their due diligence on us and read some of our reviews. At the time our offer is accepted we can provide you any documents you need to see to be at ease.

How does closing work?

Once we are clear to close you can select where you want the closing documents to be sent if you choose to use your attorney or title agency, you can come in to our title agency that we have been using for years on all of our transactions or we even give our clients the courtesy close where you will not have to leave the comfort of your home. We will send a notary personnel to YOU so that we can get it done. YOU CHOOSE WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!


ARV ( After Repair Value)

ARV is the After Repair Value of the home meaning what the house will be worth when repairs are made and the home is returned to market value conditions.

Repair Cost

Repair cost is the amount of capital required to renovate the house into like new conditions.

Resell Fees

Resell fees are when after we purchased the house from you we will have to pay. We also have many other fees we must pay like holding costs. Holding cost included taxes, insurance, and etc. The average resell fee percentage is about 10% of the ARV.


When many people hear profits they think of six figure checks but in reality we keep profits to a minimum so that we can pay our clients more. We must make a profit in order to pay for ALL expenses associated with our business as well as to make a profit to support our families. WE GUARANTEE THE PROFITS ARE KEPT TO A MINIMUM.


[After Repair Value] – [Cost of Repairs] – [Our selling Cost] – [Our Minimum Profit] = Your Offer

So let’s say your house is worth $300K and it will require us to put $50K into the home as repair cost with a 10% resell fee it will cost us when it comes time to sell the house and $30k minimum profit for this purchase, our cash offer to you would be $190K.

$300k – $50K – $30K – $30K = $190K